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The Baker County Board of Tax Assessors is appointed for fixed terms by the Baker County Board of Commissioners. The County Board of Tax Assessors is responsible for determining taxability, value, and equalization of all assessments within the county. The County Board of Tax Assessors notifies taxpayers when changes are made to the value of the property; receives and reviews all appeals filed; and ensures that the appeal process proceeds properly. In addition, they approve all exemptions claimed by the taxpayer.​

What we do:

  • Establish fair market value of all properties within Baker County

  • Perform statistical analysis to ensure proper value compliance

  • Compile consolidation reports and worksheets (values and exemptions)

  • Calculate Millage Rate Rollback Forms

  • Forward digest amount to the Baker County Board of Commissioners, school boards, and cities

  • Certify and submit digest to Georgia Department of Revenue (with the Tax Commissioner)

The tax digest consists of a listing of assessments and exemptions, including real and personal property, timber, mobile homes, motor vehicles, heavy duty equipment, and public utilities.

The Baker County Tax Assessors Office establishes property values only; tax bill related questions should be directed to the Baker County Tax Commissioner.​

Why we do it:

Assessing the value of property is vital to ensuring appropriate taxes are levied on property and that the County has the necessary funds to provide its citizens with needed services.​

What happens if we don’t:

The State of Georgia Department of Audits & Accounts (DOAA) performs Sales Ratio Studies of all counties every year. This is a statistical test to determine if values are in compliance with market sales. If DOAA statistical standards are not met, the county will be subject to several sanctions which include:

  • $5/parcel fine

  • Forfeiture of all grant monies from the state of Georgia

  • Board of Education Funding from the State reduced to equal lower assessment ratio

  • Complete revaluation will be ordered to bring values back in compliance to meet statistical test

To search tax assessment data click the link below:

Sarah Kelley, Tax Appraiser

Deborah Varnum, Clerk


Physical Address:

167 Baker Place 

Newton, Georgia 39870

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 52

Newton, Georgia 39870

Phone No:


Fax No:



Monday - Friday

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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