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Miller Baker E-911

Miller-Baker E-911 is committed to answering 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls with professionalism, integrity, and compassion while efficiently dispatching police, emergency medical services and fire units.  We strive to ensure fair, impartial and courteous treatment.  We also strive to provide fast and proper response to the public in all emergency situations.

Miller-Baker Dispatch/911 provides 24-hour dispatching service to police, fire and rescue agencies in Miller and Baker counties.  Dispatchers perform various tasks, using E911 capabilities, CAD (computer aided dispatch) as well as radio transmitters according to FCC rules and regulations.  Dispatchers also serve as a primary information resource for Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Service, and Fire Personnel as well as the general public.

The 911 center operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is staffed by:

8 Full Time Dispatchers

2 Part-Time Dispatchers

When should you call 911?

* Medical Emergencies – Chest pains, choking, difficulty speaking or breathing, and other serious medical problems.   

* Fires – Even small fires can spread rapidly and become a dangerous situation.   

* Crimes in progress – Assaults, burglaries, fights, etc. Any crimes that are in progress or just occurred where the offender could still be in the area.   

* Vehicle accidents – Crashes with injuries, blocked roadways, or fluid leaks.

When not to call 911:   

* Noise Complaints – Loud parties, music, and barking dog complaints should utilize the non-emergency number.   

* Power Outages – To report a power outage or ask about when power will be restored, you should call your power provider.   

* Information – Need a phone number, want to know where to pay a ticket, or want a weather report? Call 411 or use the internet to get phone numbers and get a battery powered radio for weather updates during storms.

What to do when calling 911:   

* Know your location – Know your address, closest intersections, and/or mile markers. Don’t rely on the 911 operator to know where you are.   

* Answer the questions – 911 Operators ask a lot of questions to determine who is best to send to each call. This information is also relayed to responding units so they can be better prepared for your emergency.   

* Follow instructions – Our officers are trained to help keep you safe and to give first aid instructions if needed. We can assist in giving CPR instructions, walk you through how to do the Heimlich maneuver for choking victims, or tell you how to stop or slow bleeding.   

* Don't hang up – Stay calm, speak clearly, and stay on the phone until you are instructed to hang up by the dispatcher. Sometimes you will be asked to stay on the line to give current information about your emergency.


Whitney Butler
E-911 Director

Phone: (229)758-4116
Fax: (229)758-4123

159 E. Main Street
Colquitt, GA 39837

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