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  • Active Post Certified Law Enforcement: $40

  • Renewals: $30 (Only eligible for renewal within 90 days before expiration OR within 30 days after expiration of current weapons permit).

  • Retired Law Enforcement:  $7

  • Weapons Carry Permit:  $79.00 (Effective August 1, 2020)


Must have exact cash or money order.

We do not accept personal checks.


  • An applicant must be 21 years of age and a resident of Baker County OR may be 18 years of age and have completed basic training, currently on active duty, or have been honorably discharged. Proof of which is required.

  • An applicant who is not a citizen of the United States must provide proof that you are an eligible immigrant or non-resident.

  • The application process involves a criminal record and mental health record check, including fingerprinting. Noncitizens must also submit to an Immigrant Alien Inquiry.

  • The court cannot advise you where weapons can be carried.

  • Fee for lost, stolen, or replacement license is $6. A lost or stolen license must be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency before it can be replaced.

  • further information is found at O.C.G.A §§16-11-129(b) and 16-11-129(D)(4) and O.C.G.A. §16-11-131

  • If you are a person prohibited under federal law from receiving a firearms license, a license may not be issued to you.

  • If you have any questions about your legal rights or whether the list and descriptions of Prohibitors apply to you, it is suggested that you consult with an attorney. The Probate Court staff cannot advise you on your legal rights, nor may they determine for you whether a prohibition applies to you or your circumstances.

  • Information on federal prohibitors can be found in the Gun Control Act of 1968, 18 U.SC. 921 et seq., including Amendments Under the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993.

  • It is your responsibility to seek the removal of a prohibition from your record or to provide the Court with a final disposition of a matter in your criminal history. It is your responsibility to obtain and submit necessary proof and verification to the Court.

  • Licenses cannot be issued until the necessary reports are received by the court.

  • The list of disqualifying offenses are found in state and federal law

  • No refunds after submitting application.

  • Permits are valid for five years.

  • The probate court staff cannot advise you as to whether or not you are qualified for a weapons carry permit.

For your convenience, please print a copy of the Georgia Weapons Carry Permit Prohibitors (PDF) and / or a copy of the Georgia Weapons Carry Permit Law (PDF).

Georgia Weapons Carry License Application Instructions

Applicants, including renewals, must provide the following:

  • Applicants born outside of the United States must bring a certified birth certificate or a passport showing the country of birth.

  • Exact Cash, Money Order, Visa or Mastercard payable to the Probate Court of Walton County. 

  • Naturalized U.S. citizens must provide naturalization certificate and original INS number.

  • No refunds are given after application is submitted.

  • A valid Georgia Driver’s License or State-Issued ID reflecting your current address. If a P.O. Box is listed on your driver’s license, you must submit two documents showing your name and physical street address. ( For example a utility bill, lease or voter registration card)

  Renewal Licenses

  • An application shall be considered to be for a renewal license if the applicant has a Georgia weapons carry license or renewal license with 90 or fewer days remaining before the expiration of such Georgia weapons carry license or renewal license or 30 or fewer days since the expiration of such Georgia weapons carry license or renewal license regardless of the county (in Georgia) of issuance of the applicant’s expired or expiring weapons carry license or renewal license. To reiterate: applications made by a license holder whose current or previous license was issued by another county in Georgia will be considered a renewal application.

Visit Georgia Probate website for more information on firearms licenses.

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